We're building the Ark in Oklahoma!




Secular science tells us that the Theory of Evolution is fact; it’s what we’ve been taught for years. But today, we know there is a view supported by God’s word, supported by scientific studies and research.

It boils down to this: Do you believe our beautiful and complex world was just a mindless happening, or an intelligent and well-designed creation? Rarely do you hear both views of our world. The Creation Science Institute will share them both.

As a believer in God, you will see and understand that the great flood in Genesis is responsible for geological formations like the Grand Canyon and much more. You will be educated and amazed when you see this view based on our Holy Bible. To further amaze you, our museum will be housed in a life-sized model of Noah’s Ark!

Be A Part Of Our Great Crew Spreading The Word Of God’s Science Behind The Creation Of The Earth.

Watch this space for future progress and information on how you can join with us to build the Creation Science Institute and Museum in Oklahoma.


Clay & Missy Hibbard

Clay & Missy Hibbard

Founders & Directors / CSI Blog Authors

Clay and Missy are both graduates of Metro Christian Academy in Tulsa, OK. They married shortly after graduating, and not long after Clay began to run the family business. Later, after the adoption of their first child, a son, they moved to Mayes County and started a small cattle operation, followed by a breeder/hen business. They adopted a daughter from South Korea to complete their family. Missy then completed a B.S. degree in mathematics from Northeastern State University and also became the financial officer for both of the family businesses. They both serve as Sunday school teachers at a local church where Clay also serves as a deacon.

Clay was raised in Church, but at age nine, without fully understanding the commitment, asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. At 18, while attending a youth conference, he really felt the pull of the Holy Spirit and wanted to turn his life over to Christ. Clay has always believed the Bible was true, but never knew how to reconcile what he read in the Bible with what he heard from secular scientists. Once he came across Creation Scientists who explained things from a biblical world view, he found his answers. “What this ministry has done for me is given me the ability to defend my faith from people who say the Bible isn’t true. It also helps me to re-establish the authority of scripture in my life and people around me.”

Missy was also raised in church and was told she accepted Christ at the tender age of four. It always bothered her that she could not remember making that decision. The Holy Spirit worked on her for many years. Finally, at 26 years old, she turned her life over to Christ.

Clay helped Missy see the need for a creation ministry. “I thought all Christians believed that the Bible was true and that Genesis’s account of creation occurred during a 24 hour, six-day period. I came to realize how much the secular world has inundated our culture with the stories about millions of years of history. Yet churches who say they accept the authority of the Bible never counter those stories. Many Christians have even accepted evolution and this millions of year’s theory. It’s imperative that we show people that these theories are based on world views and not science. We need to re-establish the authority of Scripture so that people can see that the Bible is true in all it says and in that way bring people to Jesus.


Bill Lowther

Bill Lowther

Board Member / CSI Blog Author

William (Bill) Lowther was born in Borger, TX, in 1948, to an oil field worker. At the age of 14 he moved with his family to Shidler, Oklahoma where he graduated in 1966. Mr. Lowther attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University on scholarship for three years majoring in vocal and Instrumental music. After his marriage to Arletta in 1969 and the birth of their first daughter in 1970, the couple moved to Stillwater, OK. Bill worked construction for a time and also spent time as a maintenance man for an apartment complex. One night in his apartment, a local preacher led him to Christ and he began his reborn life as a new man, father, and husband.

After moving to Owasso in 1973, he started singing and playing music in church. God started opening doors, and in 1974 the family moved to Tahlequah and Bill went back to school. In 1975 he received his teaching degree and began a 27-year teaching career in public schools both in Kansas and Oklahoma. In 1980, he and his wife were blessed with another baby girl, and to this day the children and Bill sing and play music in churches all over the state. Mr. Lowther considers himself to be blessed by God with the talent to play many instruments and sing. He retired in 2001 and continued his passion for singing and the hobbies of fishing, golf, and beekeeping.

As we travel through the education system in our country, our minds are flooded with thousands of ideas and concepts trying to contradict the teaching of God through scripture. The only thing missing with those ideas is concrete foundation rooted in truth and sound proof. My struggles in relationship to the origins of the earth were always very different than other people because as I studied more about the scriptures, I couldn’t understand why God could not be taken at His word. When I became a Christian, I accepted that God’s word was the truth and anything short of that would have to be fictitious and simply untrue. I believe in the first eleven chapters of Genesis just as I do that Jesus came into my heart in that small apartment in Stillwater in the 70s.


Carol Ruddick

Carol Ruddick

Board Member

Psychotherapist specializing in PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Sexual Abuse, and International Trauma Counseling, working with 2 – 85 year-olds. Degrees: BA, University of Arizona; MA, Arizona State University, and EdS, Arizona State University.

“In my opinion, it is preposterous to think that all of this magnificent world happened by a big bang. Only a wonderful and loving God could create a world and then create man to live in this awesome creation.”

Kim Schmidt

Kim Schmidt

Board Member

Born in Wichita, KS, Kim lived in small Kansas towns where, at age 12, he became involved with the wrong crowd and began stealing, smoking, and doing drugs. Twice landing in jail as a youth, he also spent time in a mental institution. After binging all night at a July 4th drug and alcohol party in 1976, he accepted Christ as his savior. He later became a children’s pastor and then an ordained preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He pastored two churches before surrendering to full-time evangelism in 1994. He has been a full-time vocal evangelist for 19 years. He and his wife Bonita live five miles east of Disney, OK, and both serve the Lord at the First Baptist Church in Langley, OK. They have six children and four grandchildren.

“I support the endeavor of the Creation Science Institute because I believe it aligns with God’s Holy Word. The Holy Bible directly states that God Himself created us as eternal beings. I believe each and every person will spend eternity somewhere, whether it is heaven or hell. I believe it is an injustice to society to teach children that we ‘evolved’, because it attempts to undermine what our Creator has taught us. I am very excited and honored to be a part of this vision God has given to those who would be obedient to His call.”

Randy Thorman

Randy Thorman

Board Member

Randy Thorman was born and raised in Okmulgee, OK, where he graduated from high school. He continued his education at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, where he graduated with a degree in Social Studies in 1988. Randy entered public education as a Secondary Teacher at Beggs Public Schools in 1988, with certification in History, Government, Geography, Sociology, and Anthropology. Mr. Thorman currently serves as the Department Chairman for Pryor High School, where he has been employed for the past 10 years, teaching World History and Government. He also serves bi-vocationally as the Senior Pastor for Utopia Baptist Church located in Mayes County.

Randy asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior at Falls Creek Baptist Assembly at the age of 13. However, his growth as a Christian was slow. As he entered college, his faith was subtly but continuously challenged in the classroom. Randy recalls that, “I never lost my faith but I did begin to doubt the accuracy of the bible, especially the creation account. The result was that I had little desire to read or study the Word of God. Then, in the mid 1990’s, God began to do an amazing work in my life. My wife and I became active in Church and I began to listen to some great bible teachers on my drive to work. I heard a scientist challenge the theory of evolution and assert the accuracy of the Bible. I was amazed. It lit a fire in me to study more.  Soon, I read Five Lies of the Century, by David Moore. It challenged the secular humanistic view of the world that I had come to accept as well-established, objective, scientific truth, and instead argued that it was a rather a biased, one-sided view of the world. The idea that I did not have to check my brain in at the door of the church was transforming. Suddenly, I had a passion for the word of truth that I never had before. The more I studied and searched for the truth the more I found that I could believe the Bible. Answers In Genesis also became one of my trusted sources of knowledge. That is why I believe it is imperative for us to re-establish the authority of scripture in the lives of the believers and present the truth to those who have not heard it.”

Cross On The Prairie

On the Creation Science Museum property, outside Adair, Oklahoma, we are building a breathtaking 110-foot cross, visible from the heavily-travelled Interstate 69. Visit www.OklahomaCross.com for more information.


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