The Cross On The Prairie


The Creation Science Institute is happy to announce that phase one of three has become a reality: The raising of the 110-foot cross has been completed and we will now begin the next phase immediately.

The ministry of CSI is rooted in the first eleven chapters of Genesis and our cause is to promote “Biblical Authority,” thus bringing Glory and Honor to our Savior Jesus Christ. On September 8, 2015, CSI broke ground on the “Cross On the Prairie” as a testament to the sacrifice Christ has made to all of us. It has always been our hope that the skyline between Pryor and Adair, Oklahoma, would be forever changed with the building of this monument to Christ.

It is now a reality and even simply with the building of the Cross, there has been an inflow of traffic generated as curious people come to the grounds and drive around the Cross and read the signs of hope, peace, salvation, and everlasting forgiveness this Cross represents. As we move forward with this project, the entire 60 acres will be dedicated to God, including a “Garden Tomb”, walkways featuring the Creation told in the scriptures of Genesis, scripture references encompassing the relevance of the Creation and presentation of the Gospel of Christ.

It is our hope as we continue on this journey of faith, many churches from all over the state will bring members and the lost to read and learn about how the Gospel can change their lives. Once the grounds are completed and all the pathways to Christ are presented, CSI will begin construction on the final phase of the project, which will be the building of a replica of the “Ark,” as written in Genesis, which will house a convention center, book store, and Creation Museum.

Some ask us why we have taken on this project and why we would spend so much time and money on it, and we simply have to say: “It is our ministry and has been placed in our hearts by God.” We, as board members of CSI, feel as though there is no greater calling than spreading the Gospel of Christ and we, as His children, can never repay the sacrifice He suffered for us.

“For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus:” 1 Timothy 2:5

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