Creation Science Institute Cross Groundbreaking

Creation Science Institute Cross On The Prairie groundbreaking

The Creation Science Institute is dedicated to spreading the love and grace of Jesus Christ to all souls, while spreading the truth of the six day creation to all who will listen.

September 8, 2015, was the groundbreaking of the first phase of the project of the Institute. Construction on the “Cross on the Prairie – The Oklahoma Cross” will now begin, and soon after, the grounds telling not only the story of the Cross, but also giving insight into who Jesus is and how He stepped into history as the second Adam and savior of the world.

Creation Science Institute Cross On The Prairie groundbreaking

Left to right: Clay Hibbard, Missy Hibbard, Randy Thorman, Thurman Hibbard, Loretta Hibbard, Bill Lowther, Kim Schmidt.

The Cross will soar to a height of 110 feet and will be very visible along highway 69, north of Pryor, Oklahoma. We are confident the Cross will be a great stopover spot for travelers to Oklahoma and the eventual construction of the Creation Science Institute Oklahoma Ark Museum will help defer the myths behind evolution. Further, the fact that total Biblical Authority is the only hope for this great nation and the World.

As we move forward with this construction, please keep checking the blog and homepage for updates and photographs.

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  1. Darrell Woodard says:

    I love this Ministry !!! I am Bob Hibbard’s step-son & proud of it !!! : )

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