Not a Christian Nation?

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Christian Nation

I have heard some of the leaders of the United States define us as an extremely diverse nation, and very few of them even offer up the fact that we were founded on Christian principles. It seems the new normal is the phrase “politically correct”, and inside that realm, I have a difficult time having someone dictate to me that I can’t talk about the sacrifice Christ made for me and the fact that our first president, George Washington, dedicated this Christian nation to God in a small church in New York.

My family and I just returned from a trip to the Emerald Beach in Florida and had a great time, but that is not the reason for this blog post. I was amazed to see, as we drove through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, the number of crosses along our route. We saw white crosses, wooden crosses; and they ranged in size from 50 feet up to over 150 feet tall. Some were simply painted white, some were made of wood and we noticed some draped with a white cloth.

I think the point about what I witnessed is that people all along that route are in the most subtle way showing how their faith impacts them and they openly acknowledge that the cross is the greatest symbol of what Christ has done for us. We counted twenty-seven crosses on our vacation and it really got me to thinking: If there are that many simply on that 889-mile stretch of road, how many more might there be?

I have since discovered there are literally thousands of these symbols all over this nation. As those crosses silently stand over this nation, it is a strong statement, ever so quiet, that we still stand for Christ, and no matter what doubters might say or how loudly they protest, Jesus is Lord and our destiny belongs at the foot of the Cross.

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