The Oklahoma Ark Museum

The Ark Museum

As you enter onto the property, the dominating sight will be a life-sized replica of the ark, as described in the book of Genesis. As you park your car, you will notice the beautiful landscaping. There will be several ponds, hiking trails, various statues, a garden, and other sights beyond the ark. As you walk up to the museum, you cross over a bridge. Over this bridge, you go back 4500 years to the time of Noah. You will be entering the ark of salvation that was available to any man who was willing to step into the ark and be saved.

The Ark - View from the Parking Lot

Ground view of the Ark

As you look beyond the Ark, you will see the cross up on the hill, which is the cross of salvation available to anyone willing to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. As you continue towards the Ark, you will come upon the donor’s patio where we will thank the many people helping with this project. Entering into the atrium there will be a cutaway section of the ark. In the center of the atrium will be the Tree of Life, with a waterfall, bookstore, and café. In the background, there will be the Garden of Eden, with a life-sized model of a Sauropod dinosaur.

Your first stop in the museum will be the 3D theater. Here, you will be stepping back into the very beginning of time – approximately 6000 years ago, where you will experience the six days of creation. God created the light and separated the day from the night on day 1. He separated the heavens from the earth on day 2. God separated the waters from the land and created all the plants and trees on day 3. God created the stars, moon, and sun on day 4. God created all the birds of the air and fish in the sea on day 5. God created all the land animals on day 6. Also on day 6, God created the first man and woman, Adam and Eve. We leave out of the theater on the second level and pass by Adam and Eve. Adam said:

“This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”
Therefore, a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

Then you shall experience the lushness of the Garden of Eden, with its waterfalls and lush foliage. In its center is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, where Adam and Eve decided to disobey God and eat of the tree, and were cast out of the Garden. As you leave out of the Garden of Eden, you pass by the angel guarding the entrance to the Garden of Eden.

Next, you enter the exhibit galleries (click to discover details on each exhibit):

Creation Science Museum Ark Museum Exhibits and Galleries


It was Adam’s disobedience that brought death and corruption to God’s “very good” creation. Adam had the option to obey or disobey God, but he selfishly chose to disobey and the whole of creation has felt the effects of that choice, since that day.
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Effect On Earth
The ground was no longer perfect; there would now be thorns and thistles, and growing things became increasingly difficult.
Effect On Man
A woman’s pain in childbirth increased, and for man there is now increased labor to provide for his family.
Death and suffering has now become a part of life. This was not a part of God’s perfect plan.
Effect On Animals
Before the curse, animals were all herbivores. But now, death and suffering has also come upon them.
Man has dominion over creation and when man fell, creation fell, as well.
Relationship Between Man and God
God is a Holy God, so when Man sinned, our relationship was broken and Man could no longer have direct access to God.
Life Issues
What does this effect have on our culture today (Man deciding what is right in his own eyes)?
Lying, stealing, murder, unnatural affections, wars, sickness, starvation.


Genesis 6 – 9 tells of God destroying the entire Earth with a flood, because He saw that the wickedness of man was great. Only Noah and his family, plus two of every kind of animal and 7 of every clean animal, were saved, on an ark.
Flood Geology
It’s not the passing of time, but rather the right conditions that form fossils, and those conditions are provided by catastrophic flooding. There are marine fossils on top of Mt. Everest and in the middle of continents – all proof of a world-wide flood.
Rock Layers
There is evidence of rock layers being laid down quickly, not over millions of years. There are layers that were bent while they were soft and then hardened into rocks and trees that go through many sediment layers.
Coal Deposits
There is evidence of coal deposits that are more recent than the commonly-accepted age (millions of years). Modern items have been found inside coal deposits. Oil deposits are more recent because of the pressure they are under; this pressure would have been released if they were millions of years old.
Ice Age
This will be an exhibit on the Ice Age that occurred as a result of the flood and the effect it had on the Earth's climate and the animals.
Plate Tectonics
This exhibit will show the continental sprint, not the continental drift that is commonly taught amongst secularists. It will explain the dropoffs of the continents into the oceans, the mountain ranges, and the ridges under the water. You will see what the world looked like before the flood and what it looks like in the present day.
Living Fossils
The horseshoe crab and the coelacanth are both unchanged or unevolved since their first appearance in the
Geologic Column Diagram, and are among the living fossils.
Dragon Legends
There are dragon legends from all over the world. We will show that they actually relate to dinosaurs.
We will feature dinosaur skeletons and different layers that dinosaurs are laid in. Does the Bible talk about dinosaurs? When did dinosaurs roam the earth? See an exhibit showing a dinosaur dig site, with an evolution scientist and a creation scientist, looking at the same fossils, but coming up with two very different conclusions.
The Ark
This exhibit will be a scale model of Noah’s Ark showing the size, type of wood, ventilation, food and water storage,
and the number of animal kinds in the vessel.


This event took place after the flood. God told Noah and his family to multiply and spread out across the Earth, but they settled in the plains of Shinar. Their descendants decided to build a city and a tower to heaven. While they were building the city, God came down and confused their languages. They then spread out over the face of the whole Earth.
Different Cultures (People Groups)
This exhibit will show how we are all descendants from one race. The different people groups and cultures occurred
when their languages were confused and they spread around the world.
Different Languages
This exhibit will show how the different languages were created and spread around the world.
This exhibit will be on all the Ziggurats and mound-building cultures from around the world.
We will show their commonality, because they are all from the descendants of Babel.
Flood Legends
This exhibit covers the parallel between Noah’s flood and all the flood legends from around the world.
Explanation Of Ancient Cultures (The Genius Of Ancient Man)
In this exhibit we will show the advanced technologies of so-called primitive cultures.
Their knowledge and advancement of things are inexplicable and often unachievable with today's technology.
Explanation Of Supposed Primitive Man (Caveman)
Just because someone lived in a cave doesn’t make them a caveman – just someone who lived in a cave!
Here, we show the fallacy of Java Man, Peking Man, Lucy, and more.


There has never been a more polarizing figure that has affected the life of man on this Earth as much as Jesus Christ. Although He was born over 2000 years ago, people still seek to know Him. Through these exhibits, we hope to help you see who Christ is.
Birth Of Christ
This exhibit will be a collection of Nativity Scenes from around the world.
Scale Model Of Jerusalem (At The Time Of Christ's Life)
This will be a scale model of the city of Jerusalem during the time of Christ.
Life, Death, & Resurrection
Through one man, Adam, sin entered the human race and, through one man’s sacrifice (Jesus), the sin debt was paid so we could have eternal life! This will be presented in an approximately-20-minute film.

– LIFE –

Some scientists call life a mixture of DNA and cells. But when an animal or person dies, their DNA and cells are still in place – but life is missing. Life is not physical. Life is a gift from God. These exhibits will delve into what is life.
This is the language of life, written by God. We will have a model of
DNA with a simple explanation of its purpose.
Creation Vs. Evolution
Some Christians adopt the evolution theory to explain creation. This exhibit will show that the evolutionary worldview and the biblical worldview do not coincide.
Periodic Table
This exhibit will show that our universe and the world we live in is not a random chaotic process, but a very consistent and logical process. Everything that is on this Earth is made up of these chemicals.


Aerial view of the Ark and museum

Aerial view of the Ark and museum property

Leaving out of the exhibit area, you will experience the Last Adam Theater, after which you can browse in the gift shop, atrium, and more.

The third floor of the museum will have a creative open space – a room to host conferences, meetings, weddings, parties, or other events. The roof area of the Ark will feature a Stargazer’s Deck, where we will hold events for viewing the beautiful Oklahoma night sky.

Leaving out of the museum and towards the garden area, you cross over the Rainbow Bridge. The Rainbow Bridge represents the covenant that God made with man: That he would never destroy the world again by a flood. The bridge crosses over a large pond with a fountain, where you can cross over into a life-sized replica of the Garden Tomb, with an angel beckoning to you to see the place where the Lord lay (Matthew 28:6).

Aerial view of the Ark and museum groundsWinding up and around the hill through a grove of cedars, you come upon the Cross. It will have four uprights, representing mind, body, heart, and soul, with three cross members, representing God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit; where all men must come to realize that they need a Savior. Below the cross is a waterfall that represents the cleansing power of Christ’s blood, shed upon the cross. This waterfall will have red flowering plants surrounding it.

As you wander around the garden grounds, there will be lush plantings, ponds to reflect upon, and the Ark as a dominating feature. As you walk around the grounds, there will be many areas at which you may stop and reflect for a few minutes, and think about what you’ve seen and discovered in the museum.

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