Turtle On The Fencepost

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Turtle On The Fencepost

A turtle on a fencepost; I know one thing – he didn’t get up there by himself. There might be some well-respected people, college professors or scientists in our community, who might try to give a natural explanation of how that turtle got on the fencepost.

They might say he was crawling along and a huge storm came up, eroded the ground and he found himself on top of an ancient fencepost that had been buried; or he used to be a bird, flew up there and after millions of years evolved into a turtle. But the explanation I like the most is the one that says he isn’t from this Earth: UFOs dropped him from a spaceship, where he parachuted down and found himself perched on top of a fencepost.

These might serve as the explanations that well-respected people might try to offer on how that turtle wound up there. But I know the facts because I was an eyewitness as to how he got up there.

I placed him there.

Some might say, “No, there must be some natural explanation of how he got up there.” These are some of the same people, who when asked how human beings got here on this planet, will offer an outlandish explanation of how it happened. But this, too, has an eyewitness account: In Genesis 1:27-28 and 2:7,21-25, it’s recorded by an eyewitness account: our Creator God. So when people give an alternative “natural” explanation as to how mankind arrived on Earth, we can tell them we know how we got here. God placed us here.

Just like I know how that turtle got on the fencepost. I placed him there.

6 Responses to "Turtle On The Fencepost"
  1. David Jones says:

    Enjoyed this post Clay. Thank you. I would like to ask permission to use your picture for the purpose of teaching live to our congregation here at Community Bible Church. It would also be featured online as well. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you sir.

    • Please feel free to use the photo. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I apologize for the delayed response. You may also use it online just be sure to give credit for the photo.

  2. Adele says:

    Asking for permission as well to use the photo if I give credit? Thank you! A number of us teaching leaders for Bible Study Fellowship would like to use it as an illustration for the doctrine of Faith and justification this week.

  3. Esther Ahn says:

    I also would like to share your photo on my Instagram and give credit for the photo. Would credit be to you or to Creation Science Institute? Thank you

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